The China Tianjin Municipal Trade Union Council retained Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects to create a design for an Urban Theme Park on an existing park site near the center of Tianjin, China. The new park design is to provide the residents of Tianjin with a rich social experience in a stimulating, natural environment that blends together athletics, culture and entertainment in an organized way. Providing learning and playing opportunities for children is a significant aspect of the project design. The program elements incorporate an auditorium, amphitheater, gymnasium, athletic field, covered pool complex, boating activities, amusement park, entertainment village, and outdoor exercise areas. In addition to these amenities, the plan would incorporate a major five star hotel and commercial office towers that will function with the adjacent Entertainment Village and related activities.

The design concept of a community park provides the residents with a variety of physically challenging and technically sophisticated opportunities to nurture their minds as well as their bodies. The park facilities will give visitors a sense of joy and satisfaction from a collective feeling of learning, exercising and interaction between all age groups of the community.

The various activities developed throughout the site will blend together by the creative use of landscaping and building design techniques creating year-round use in daytime and nighttime. A Grand Walkway will link together the park components and also serve as a primary exercise path inviting strong social interaction by all of the park visitors.