110 St. Cathedral Parkway Subway Station Reopening

LHPA is proud to announce the completion of 110 Street/ Cathedral Parkway Station, the first subway station in Manhattan to be upgraded under New York City Transit’s Enhanced Station Initiative (ESI). As part of a design/build team which includes ECCO III Enterprises and Hardesty & Hanover, LHPA is designing the upgrades to four NYC subway stations on the Eighth Avenue Line (W. 72nd Street, W. 86th Street, W. 163rd Street/ Amsterdam Avenue and Cathedral Parkway/W. 110th Street.) The 110 St. Station, which had been closed since April, reopened on September 2 and service at the station is back to normal.

The Enhanced Station Initiative is a rehabilitation program with the objective of transforming existing stations into modern and sophisticated transit facilities that are safe, intuitive and user friendly. The objectives of the projects are to improve the reliability, access and customer experience inside the subway system.


As part of the initiative, repairs were made to the station’s structural steel, concrete on platforms, and waterproofing. A series of station enhancements, such as new railings, replaced platform edges and stair treads; new tiling, a new turnstile area, brighter lighting, new customer dashboards, and digital signage was also added.

LHPA has a long history of working with the NYC Transit Authority, having completed numerous station up-grades including award-winning projects at E. 180th Street in the Bronx and Bleecker Street in Manhattan. Our work has involved preservation of historically significant finishes, collaborations with artists engaged in the NYCT’s Arts for Transit program, and technical issues such as ADA access and improved circulation.