Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects has completed design of a new metro line in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India. The East-West Corridor of the Kolkata Metro, now under construction, is part of the oldest and busiest transit system in India. It will span 13.7 kilometers and include a tunnel under the Hoogly River, linking suburban residential areas of Salt Lake and Howrah to the central business district. LHPA, with its counterpart, SGI, in India, as part of a consortium, that also includes AECOM-Maunsell (UK), EGIS (France), YEC (Japan), and CES (India); are responsible for the design of six underground stations and for developing land use plans in the station areas.

The project is part of a comprehensive initiative by the governments of India and West Bengal to modernize and expand its transportation system. The new metro will connect with major rail terminals in Howrah and Sealdah, as well as an existing North-South Metro line. Ferries, buses, surface rail and taxis will also be accessible to the line. It will accommodate an estimated 480,000 passengers daily when fully completed.

Project is in construction under design/build contracts, with a construction value of more than $1 billion. The scope of work includes the first train tunnel to be built under a river in India. It will span one half mile and be 100 feet deep.