Hotel U Sixtu

Six historic buildings, with portions dating back to the 11th-century, have been combined to become the Hotel U Sixtu. The buildings occupy a prime site facing the old town square along Kings Way, the ancient processional route in downtown Prague.

Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects considered the rich, layered architectural history to be an enchanting amenity, and the firm designed the hotel to add modern convenience with minimal intrusion into the historic fabric.

The six existing buildings are linked by a new underground concourse that leads guests through the existing Gothic and Romanesque basements, allowing them to view and experience the archaeology of the building as they proceed through the passageway. The concourse takes guests to newly designed lobbies in the individual buildings and terminates with a grand courtyard. Consistent with the Hotel U Sixtu’s five-star status, the hotel offers luxurious guest rooms, a complete health spa with exercise facilities and swimming pool, and state-of-the art telecommunications services.

The hotel includes new entrances, glass-covered atriums, guest lobbies, and 100 rooms and suites. Two old arcades, once carriage ways leading through the property, have been transformed into public passages leading to a grand courtyard that is the primary orientation of the new hotel. Prague has a long history of excellent craftsmanship, and the iron and glass for canopies, storefronts and atrium roofs are the work of local artisans.