The design of the HBO center in Hauppauge, NY, for Time Warner provides satellite communications and broadcasting facilities that can originate and transmit cable system programming throughout North America. For this reason, the design began with the positioning of seven large antennae dishes, which had to relate to the site and to the company’s domestic satellites circling the earth over 22,000 miles away. Based on the axis of these antennae, a 60,000 square foot design was conceived to house the majority of technical operations of HBO and Cinemax.

The design features an arc-shaped enamel-covered facade with a concrete entrance banner symbolizing the transition from earthly to space bound concerns. Because the facility’s many functions are technologically varied and closely integrated, the interior is divided into three zones: a naturally lit office/administrative zone; a technological zone with control and tape rooms and video monitoring and transmission equipment; and, lastly, the power and generation zone that allows for communication with HBO’s owned and leased satellite transponders. The facility was also designed for future expansion.



  • Excellence in Design, New York State Association of Architects

  • Best Presentation Rooms Design Award, Presentations Magazine