Across a small lake from the Binhai International Convention Center, LHPA has designed a crystalline 60-story tower with 5-star hotel facilities and residential apartments. The tower’s expressive serpentine design consists of three intertwined cylindrical components clad in green glass overlaid with a diagrid structure of stainless steel. The three intertwined cylinders – small, medium and large – are inspired by twisting forms of ancient cypress trees. This tri-part structure rotates two degrees per floor, a subtle torquing that presents a dramatic silhouette that looks different from every angle and variation of light. 

The building rises from a dam-like concrete ring with water pouring over its walls, creating a naturalistic atmosphere for the entry and lower floors. Guest floors are built around central atriums laced on every fifth level, creating an intimate scale as the five-story units become mini-hotels within the larger structure. Despite its striking features, the building is economical to construct. Each tower has a concrete core, and although towers are different sizes and rotate as they rise, the windows have been designed as uniform triangular pieces of glass. 

A bridge-like retail concourse 270 meters long connects the hotel with the convention center.