Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects was responsible for the revitalization of the Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street Museum Subway Station, which is supported by six museums and cultural institutions along 53rd Street.

The station design features a 400-foot-long, backlit exhibit system that illustrates the institutions' programs and collections. The three-level station has been refitted in boldly graphic red and white tile; the second level ceiling is a shimmering semicircular vault of acoustical metal panels. 
The firm’s services included architectural design, exhibition design, circulation planning, and technical inspection for facility modernization and issues of water damage and other technical problems.

"Waiting for their trains, subway riders read. They read newspaper, books, anything to pass the time. At 53rd Street and Fifth Avenue, they can read walls. With 71 display boxes running the length of the upper level platform, the "culture station" was designed to brighten underground life with exhibits from neighboring cultural institutions."



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